Friday, 13 September 2019

Apple Event - with a surprise!

So like a true tech junkie I was glued to my screen earlier this week to watch the much anticipated Apple Event. Everyone already knew most of what was to know about the latest iPhone 11, but what did come as a surprise to most people was the early announcement of a new iPad (7th Generation). iPads usually get their own event in October (and we will probably still see new iPad Pro's at this event next month) but they announced their entry-level iPad as a separate event.

So, how is it? 

Well for $299 you get a bigger screen (10.2" replaces the previous 9.7") and support for the Smart Keyboard through the magnetic connector. Is this a worthy reason to upgrade?

Probably not, although if you are a school purchasing iPads there is no reason NOT to get it. We may or may not make use of the Keyboard option, but for us, the Apple Pencil adds more value. Your opinion may vary if you consider typing on an actual physical keyboard to be of massive importance, but for the most part, we have found that the on-screen keyboard works just fine.

Speaking of that magnetic Smart Connector - we have actually had quite a bit of trouble with some keyboards on our 10.5" iPad Pros. Keyboards don't connect properly and you have to manually disconnect and reconnect for it to work. Unfortunately for some reason that specific model does not qualify for Apple's recall of faulty keyboards (#sadface)😒

So, to wrap up. Yes the new iPad is slightly better at a decent price (you can't get a better experience in a tablet for less money) and if you're considering to get your first iPad, you will not be disappointed with this one.

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