Wednesday 14 November 2018

Which Macbook is right for me?!?!

So I need a new laptop for work and I’m in the process of making my decision between the new Mac Air that was just announced recently and the 2017 MacBook Pro sans Touchbar. The difference in price between the two for the base model is only $100 which translates to about R2000 and herein lies the difficulty with the decision! I guess it comes down to what I would be using it for on a daily basis.

The advantages of the MacBook Air, based on my initial research, is that it is slightly thinner and lighter and comes with Touch ID. I will be travelling off-site sometimes, although much of my day is spent walking across campus to different classrooms and I carry my iPad and laptop with me. I think the difference in portability will be negligible although the convenience and added security of the Touch ID might come in handy.

The MacBook Pro offers a bit more processing power (both in terms of CPU and GPU) and would be better for video and photo work. I guess the question is - will the Macbook Air be good enough?

Being a fan of mechanical keyboards, I am worried about how bad the keyboards are on both of these devices. I guess the edge goes to the newer Air - at least you won't have the issue where some dust can literally break your device!

Pretty soon a decision will have to be made. I'm torn. But I will keep you posted on developments. For now - it's decision-making time!


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