Thursday 26 January 2017

Start of something new...

Hello World!

Creating and running a blog is something that many people have attempted to do, but quite often it starts off with a bang and then fades away reasonably quickly. With this blog, I am going to attempt to buck the trend and update regularly - using it as a place to document my experiences as a Technology Integration Specialist and hopefully offer some advice on what works and what doesn't!

I will aim to provide regular tips that I have found to make my life easier, as well as those of the teachers in my school. My background as a classroom teacher means that I know what works practically in the classroom, and that I will not recommend or endorse something just because it is the latest fad in a fast growing industry.

G Suite for Education is reportedly being used by over 70 Million people, and Microsoft Classroom is also picking up steam thanks to their foothold and experience in enterprise. We are currently running a trial of both of these systems, with a small pilot group of teachers using either one or both with their classes. We are hoping to establish which one of these cloud-based solutions will provide us with the best way to take learning outside the classroom.

I will be updating our progress regularly, so stay tuned!

'till next time.


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