Friday 14 June 2019

Cape Town Google Summit 2019

Excited to be in a room full of teachers who are clearly very passionate about what they do!

The day started with a great keynote by Chris Betcher (@betchaboy) who really inspired everyone to reconsider the role of technology in teaching. He highlighted a few key points, but something that I really enjoyed was:

If you want students to perform you have to 

  1. Give them something to care about
  2. Give them the tools they need
  3. Give them choices
  4. Get out of their way

 Just take a minute to reflect on this and how you do this in your own classroom.

An Edtechteam Summit allows you to choose the sessions that you want to attend, so there is literally something for everyone. I decided to attend a session hosted by @dylanlangheim on how they have integrated coding into their curriculum, something that is becoming commonplace and an absolute necessity. If you haven't thought about how to bring this into your own school, I recommend you look into it ASAP.

Some useful places to start would be, or Tynker or even Scratch.

I'll check back in later!

In the next session with Chris Bletcher (@bletchyboy) ...

we are playing around with Adobe Spark - here is a quick look at a webpage (below this paragraph) and an Instagram story.

It all comes with pretty easy editing tools that are intuitive and easy to use. Encourage your students to be creative without the need to attend a graphic design course!



Google Summit


@cutiablunt getting it underway with her keynote. What is your name story?

Too often we underestimate the importance people attach to their own names. Pronouncing it properly or even remembering someone's name means we value them as a person. Think about it - how much do you like it when someone gets your name right (if you have a tough name like mine!)

Each person has a name story. How well do you really know the students in your class?

Having a break to update this blog and the ol' Twitter feed!

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